Back to Life

 |  November 13, 2006
Man, if there is one man who I hate to talk about, because I just don’t like to speculate on the greats  it has to be the MJ of the musical world. But our Mike is getting a serious beat down from the media in the UK, who are as infamous for their over exaggerated stories as Mike is for wearing pyjamas to court .
The Man in the Mirror hasn’t performed in quite a while and it looks like his expected performance at the World Music Awards in London next week is being anticipated for the wrong reasons. "He looks dreadful and hasn’t performed for years — I fear it’s going to be a humiliating freak show which he will regret," said a reporter from London tabloid The Sun. Hoping to close out the show with the graveyard scene from his legendary 80’s chart topper single, Thriller, lets hope if the performance does end up as the so called ‘freak show’ the Brits are expecting, Mike blends right on in on the set with the other ghosts and ghouls to save face.
On a lighter note though for Mike fans out there, did any of y’all get to hear the album, The Mike we Like..put together by Square It is a remix album that you have to hear if you are a Mike fan..shout outs to my public wizard in Miami for hooking me up on that.