Bad Press is Bad News for Foxy

 |  November 9, 2006
      For some reason Foxy Brown just can’t avoid drama. Or maybe the drama just can’t pass her by. Rumor has it that Def Jam head honcho Shawn Carter is so disappointed in his once Brooklyn co- hort that she may be dropped form the label.
      Having already lost her book deal with Simon and Schuster earlier this year it looks like she will be looking for a new home musically too. Her book Broken Silence was to be released around the same time as her fourth studio album Black Roses.
      ‘Lack of productivity’ has been a reason for the unconfirmed split between Inga Marchand and The House that Russell Built. It was said that Foxy was also trash talking about Jay Z and fellow label mate Rhianna just to add more fuel to the fire. Not quite sure where she gets the time to be talking trash about anyone when her name is in the news for beating up on manicurists, not paying for underwear and then chewing gum in court.
      But alas, when all press about you is of the negative variety and you aren’t doing exactly what is expected of you, it obviously does become a problem for those that put a roof over your head.

  • bbutton

    down with foxy. too many hot singers without the drama to keep up with this singer naomi campbell