Bad Rapper + Awesome Video = ?

 |  July 9, 2010

Freekey motherf*cking Zekey.  This guy is definitely entertaining.  He’s always grand standing and drawing attention to himself because he’s not a particularly talented rapper.  Plus he was locked up when Dipset really blew up, so I get the vibe he’s pissed off he missed out on the big one.  Also according to Wikipedia this dude is 35.  How you gunna be 35 and introduce yourself to people at Freekey Zekey?  Is the Freekey really necessary?  Then he dropped this video, and it all makes sense now.  This is great and I want him to do more of it.

O sh*t how I leave an ounce of coke up in my pocket?”/Yo get it Ya ya ya you got it” -best thing a stripper can hear.