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Ok the homo-erotic festivities that is the Charles HamiltonSoulja Boy beef has continued with a diss track from Charles Hamilton.  Before I shit on this entire situation, I would like to clarify that I actually do like this diss track from Charles.  It’s obviously a weird song because Charles is involved, but I like it.  I’m just going to bullet why this beef is lame.


-First off, and most importantly this is a complete marketing scheme by Interscope Records.  At the end of the day both of these dudes are controlled by one large corporation that is playing them against each other in a highly coordinated plan to generate revenue for that corporation.  While I admit it’s smart, it makes me sigh that this is what hip-hop has evolved into.


-Who do you root for in the situation, The Rapist or The Murderer?  These dudes are both kind of tools, but obviously any true hip-hop fan has to hate Soulja Boy.  As lame as I think Charles‘s pink and sonic gimmicks are, I have to admit that I do fuck with some of the guy’s music.  I’m not mad at Charles for being involved in hip-hop.  While I’m not his biggest fan I think the dude is unique and actually brings some artistic integrity to the table.  Soulja Boy aka MC Hammer 2 is just a clown.  And he loses big time for his retarded shavings in his eyebrows.  When I think of Soulja Boy, I think of this song XV did called “Shuck & Jive”.  It describes him perfectly.  On a side note XV is a dope rapper that makes music much like Charles, in fact he might be a lot better.  But like I mentioned in the paragraph above Charles has a large corporation pushing him with these awesome whack beef marketing plans.


-Why the fuck can’t hip-hop just let the music speak for itself?  All these terrible beefs are getting outta control.  People need to spend more time making their music better instead of conspiring ways to create webisodes that will compromise someone’s credibility.  At the end of the day the artists that have the most successful careers are the ones who just make classic music.  Look at Jay-Z.  Rappers always have his name in their mouth, and you never hear any responses do you?  You know why that is?  Because that dude is to busy making serious moves on a serious level to be acting like a child.  I’m just tired of watching grown men act like 15 year old boys.  Make good music and shut the fuck up.


Also you can see the original videos that started the “beef” here.


“Word, Aight (Soulja Boy Diss)”-Charles Hamilton

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