Beanie Says Dame Dash Stole 11 Million from Him

 |  December 14, 2010

No I ain’t loyal to Dame…My own lawyer found about 11 million Dame Dash stole from me…It’s gone he filed for bankruptcy”

Beanie calls out Dame for stealing 11 million dollars on the Star & Buc show.  Basically he admits there is nothing he can do since Dame is broke.  All I know is that Dame Dash is a sketchball.

Beanie also talks about Kanye and Philly drug dealer Tommy Hill.



  • WTF

    Now your jumping on Beanies sack and calling Dame a sketchball. All Beans has ever done is complain and expect shit to be handed to him. I dont know if Dame took 11 mill from Beans I'm suppose to believe this just cuz he's sayin it?

  • Infamous15214

    starr is a hypocrite, find him doin lloyd banks interview, he calls Beans a “fat-greasy nigga” talkin mad trash n Beans a dumbass 4 goin on his show??????????