By: Hot Gossip Gal
      It has been whispered in my ear that even though The 14th Annual Bob Marley Movement Festival was a roaring success in Miami this past weekend, there was a little trouble. The event was gatecrashed by Beenie Man who wasn’t invited to attend nor perform to celebrate the life and music of the ultimate reggae star. Beenie Man was then supposed to have said that he was better than bob Marley ever was.
Hmmm yeah ok.
      Here is a clip of an event which involved Beanie Man last year when he performed in London. Funny

  • Tony GT

    BOB MARLEY!!!!!!! the only song i like from beenie man is dude remix. but bob marley ALL his songs are tight. BOB MARLEY IS #1…:]

  • pachino papes

    beenie fi get shot inna him face fi dat
    ,you fucking sell out like bounty say you’ll do anything 4 money.bob is the best ,greatest ,u just mad you cant walkinna him shoes

  • dreadklove

    whoaaaa…BLASPHEMY..if it’s true.

  • Carlito_Bragonti2

    Nigga Please


    How could any dancehall reggae performer claim to be better than the man who’s name is synonymous with reggae? That is infinitely stupid. He’s gonna lose Jamaican fans like the Dixie Chicks lost Republicans(Rednecks) when that dissed the Pres.

  • ballhed

    i dont believe he said dat shit….he knows better than that!!…people b spreading 2 much false info…..IDIOTS!!