By: Rizoh
      Raymond "Benzino" Scott just can’t seem to get it right these days. Following his dramatic exit from The Source magazine, which Scott founded with college friend Dave Mays, the duo is now being charged with swaggerjacking. Complex magazine recently accused Hip-Hop Weekly, the post-Source rap tabloid by Scott and Mays, of biting their popular Lil’ Wayne interview without credit.
      Complex puts it this way: "In Issue 4 of their piss poor-cheapest paper to ever be printed on-rumor rag, they straight jacked a whole page of quotes and didn’t give any credit or ask for permission to reprint it. They lifted the now infamous Lil Wayne interview we did in our last issue for their ‘Word On the Street’ section (pg. 16). Word for word they reprinted quotes with no credits and definitely no green light from us."
       Worse still, Complex is not the only publication being robbed by Mays and Scott. They also lifted some quotes from with no proper credit. Why are we not surprised at all?