|  April 28, 2009


…is bite the artist you want to work with? Well apparently so. Miss Ci Ci who is currently sending all the straight and gay men into a frenzy here in the UK right now is so so desperate to work with Janet Jackson this is what she said “My dream is to collaborate with Janet Jackson. She was my big idol growing up. JJ is amazing and no matter what, you can’t forget what she has contributed to American music. Janet is truly an icon. She was the only person I listened to as a kid, along with her big brother Michael.”
So this is what she does…totally bites her style while performing at G.A.Y this weekend in the UK capital. Again I say this…where the hell is the creativity in the game anymore? Ciara already bit a huge chunk out of Beyonce’s apple with this look READ HERE, someone take a control of the girl please.

  • Rather Unique

    i feel what u saying, but she has her own sound

  • Vetersi

    a business move likethis one proves her staying power in the indusrty and should be copied by the other singers in the indusrty too. TO have a model left by the Jacksons, c’mon their practically royalty. SO why not bite? (if you can get away with it without being unmasked) Fans or fans, If they are Gay or straight, It is 2009 and they have purchasing power which is like being an untracable income source for an organized crime leader.