This is the winner of the UK’s version of American Idol, The X Factor. Londoner Alexandra Burke won the competition last night having performed alongside Beyonce in the final, who might just be her most fierce (pun intended) opposition as her career takes off. The duo performed Beyonce’s track Listen after Alexandra had performed it earlier in the competition to rave reviews. The US has been a walk in the park for another X Factor winner Leona Lewis who has sold over 5 million copies of her debut album Spirit since it was released, but Alex is tipped to be even more success than Leona.
Of course fame doesn’t come without its price as we all know and there have been various reports of a jealous ex boyfriend of Miss Burke’s attempting to sell a sex tape of the 20 year old to anyone who wants to spend over £100,000 ($150,000) on the tape. It was rumored however that X-Factor producers had offered £20,000 for the tape to prevent it leaking before the competition came to its end last night. Ole boy wasn’t interested and the price on the tape has probably just sky rocketed with her victory.

  • jhellie_baby

    Why is it that every time I see Beyonce, may it be in her music videos or pictures in the internet, her face changes. I don’t really know if it’s only my imagination or not. And also, sometimes she’s slender and sometimes she’s fat. Does any one else notice this?

  • king1111

    yes me