Beyonce Will Not Stop Mary

 |  October 12, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Plenty of people have been talking, saying Mary’s album is being pushed back because Beyonce is dropping an album on the same day…..WRONG…you really think Mary J Blige is bothered by Jayyonce? Awwww hell to the no…Jayonce doesn’t bother the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul like that. Mary is dropping on the 27th of November and that is THAT.

  • FP

    Mary J is OVER RATED,I saw her on stage with Chaka Khan once and even Mary J had to take note of what a real singer sounds like!! She was in such Amazement that she stopped singing!! I’m not saying that she should be as good as Chaka but she has no range what so ever. I think people love her because of her story of her hard life drug abuse etc. For her to be recognized as the Queen of anything just shows you what a sorry state black music is in today!! If it’s not Hip Hop or Rap the majority of today’s singers can not handle it! Including Mary J Blige!!!

  • hotboy94

    she still fine