By: Rizoh
      Beyonce’s hopes of winning a songwriter’s award at this year’s Oscars have been deflated by a special rule in the music nomination department. Despite being listed as one of four songwriters responsible for "Dreamgirls" theme song, "Listen," Beyonce is ineligible for nomination because the motion picture academy only allows a maximum of three authors as credit. The rule, known as Rule Sixteen, stipulates that "only the principal composer(s) or songwriter(s) responsible for the conception and execution of the work asawhole shall be eligible for an award." The rule automatically eliminates partial contributors—writers not responsible for the overall design of the song—from the awards. Beyonce, who contributed a lower percentage to "Listen," was dropped from the list. The other three songwriters Henry Krieger, Anne Prevenand Scott Cutler nominated instead.
      Academy spokesman John Pavlik explained to the L.A. Times that the decision to exclude Beyonce came from various executive committees members. He added that "the decision always comes down to the same thing: who had the most to do with the achievement being considered. It was no different in this case."
      Beyonce’s PR rep Alan Nierob also confirmed that Beyonce is aware of the Academy rule that says only three songwriters can be nominated. "It’s all about percentages — how much each person contributed to the song," said Nierob. "Beyonce contributed greatly to ‘Listen,’ but her percentage is lower, so she didn’t expect to be eligible for nomination. She’s very happy that her co-writers may be recognized."
      As a consolation, Beyonce shares the credit with her three co-songwriters in the Golden Globe nomination for "Best Original Song." She’s also in the running for "Best Actress." The Golden Globe awards will be handed out on January 15th. The Oscars will follow in February.