|  March 20, 2009


Never a dull moment in the life of Beyonce it seems. She has been brought on board to promote the new Nintendo DS game Rhythm Haven by starring in the TV commercial like various other celebs before her. Mrs Carter also divulged just what her faves are when it comes to video games -all the Wii games, Brickbreaker on her berry…yeah that is pretty adictive but growing up she explained she had a soft spot for Nintendo’s Super Mario. The multi-platinum selling singer/actress explained to Entertainment Weekly that if one man was going to make her break her gaming curfew, it was Mario. Better watch out Jigga, looks like you have competition.

  • j.cai

    no competition there. super mario has been alive forever. he’s immortal.

  • basti

    this is the generation of the wii, woman. you’re outdated.

  • oxy

    she like her games how she like her man. old as fuck haha

  • SteeloKing

    oh i thought it was going to expose that im her new man

  • kairosrain

    Super Mario will never fade. He’s already part of the gaming history; he’s like the Godfather of Nintendo. hehe

  • missteeq

    I’m also a fan of Super Mario, no wonder she breaks her gaming curfew. haha… I also love most of Wii games, they’re lots of fun.