Birdman just doesn’t live in reality anymore.  He just lacks objectivity to the point that he honestly believes all the bullsh*t that comes out of his mouth.  He hit K104 in Dallas, and mentioned that he dropped a million on the Packers.  I guess he had Packers cups in his house to.



  • Smokin420live420

    His desire to discuss the amount of money he foolishly spends is anti-humanitarian. Yes, he earned his money but, people like him create a hunger that drives people to robbery and even violence. Poverty isnt the enemy in this world, its the illusionistic arrogance that wealth creates. All men will die without food, water and air. If you cut a man, any man, does he not bleed? This man along with many other rappers are guilty of treason against humanity.

  • CEO

    Damn u most of been on that grand daddy when u wrote this 420

  • STAX

    `The Nigga Won