Birdman Pretends To Be Philanthropic

 |  November 25, 2010

I don’t mind that Birdman does things like buy million dollar cars or watches.  I just wish he also made videos of him giving a million bucks to a charity or something.  He did speak with MTV about “giving back to the community”, and he of course talks about how people are happier to see him as opposed to  actually focusing on giving back to the community.  Birdman is a douche.  I’m not saying he ain’t successful.  There is just a right way to do things, and a wrong way to do things.



  • Big Phil

    to the man that posted this…quit sippin that hater-aid…the man givin back in a big way..he jus speakin the truth…people aint gon die if they dont get a turkey but its nice get 1…its like if jessica alba givin out cell phones..yea the phone nice but u be happier to talked to her 4 a sec, right?…quit hatin..its whole lot of people wit a whole lot more givin a whole lot less..1 luv!

  • Smokin420live420

    I have to disagree…people who are starving will die if they don't eat something…something like a turkey perhaps. Also, Charity means nothing if you do it for the wrong reasons which is what Sam is getting at. This isnt hater-aid sippin, this is noticing douchbaggery at its finest. Let's face it why would you rock your finest outfit and jewels infront of poor people you are claiming to help?…these are the people most likely to still be impressed by what no longer impresses anyone else. Birdman might be rich and possibily intelligent but, he is a stage-5 doucher