Cash Money co-founder Birdman aka Baby, recently did an interview in which he discussed Jay-Z’s “Hottest MC” status. Apparently he disagrees and thinks a certain someone else should have gotten the top spot. That someone of course is Lil Wayne and Birdman feels that the “hotness” of a rapper should be determined by how much money they make. Baby in regards to Jay-Z says:

“I don’t think he a number one emcee in no kinda way. Wayne the best he do the most and he make the most money. I dont think no n**ga in the business make more money than us. How could you be the best if you don’t make the best money, the most money and you don’t do the most.”

“Lyrically, come on man be for real man can’t nobody f*ck with Wayne. And to me, if you number one and you aint getting no money it don’t mean nothing. Who’s making the most money. That’s number one to me. F*ck all that rap sh*t. Sh*t, y’all got cold rappers you never even heard and then you got n*ggas who really can’t rap and making money. It’s about who’s making the most money to me. I don’t give a f*ck about the rest of that sh*t.”

Ok…well last time I remembered Jay-Z DOES get money and a lot of it; and the “Hottest MC” contest is called the “Hottest MC” contest because it’s about being an MC and actually having lyrical talent and not a big bank account, but we’re all entitled to our opinions.