Trey Songz is facing a whopping $18 million lawsuit stemming from his hit song “Bottoms Up.”  A lawsuit filed on February 2nd by Derrick Price, Doc Mob and IHip Hop Music (no affiliation with alleges that Songz, his label Atlantic Records, manager Gee Robinson, Kodak and producer Kane Beatz are responsible for the unauthorized use of the copyrighted song.

The lawsuit claims that producer Milton James (aka Tony Scales) produced the original, copyrighted track for Doc Mob Records.  At some point he was enlisted by Kane Beatz, who put some ‘finishing touches’ on the beat.  According to the lawsuit, Kane gave the beat to Songz and claimed that he was the sole producer.  The song would later appear on Trey’s 2010 album, Passion, Pain & Pleasure.

James claims to have sent several cease and desists to Atlantic, all of which he says were ignored.  He is suing Kodak because the song was used in one of their ad campaigns for a digital camera.    We’ll let you know how this one ends.