• http://www.ihiphop.com/rayone southsypher

    Damn Ike to…Rip
    Cant really say I respect the the guy, but the music he created are classics

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/brichnwa201 godsrighthandman

    death comes three’s sean taylor pimp c now him.the death time schedule iz all fucked up

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/DaBoss DaBoss100

    “whats death got to do with it??!”

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/mississippini66a Thug_nasty7807

    LoL to da DaBoss100. And dat is true godsrighthandman…

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/koss kostco

    god bless the man ike. eat the cake annamae lol. rip ike.

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/joanna78 4acresblahblah

    You guys are silly. Poor ike.

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/snoopyj23 cracksoundsgood

    momemt of domestic violence silence.

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/ferrai mustang

    yeah he was a good man even thought he did what he did