|  October 4, 2008

Well once bitten twice shy is mos def not the case for OJ Simpson who was found guilty yesterday on various charges including armed robbery and kidnapping. The verdict came in late Friday night and OJ is sitting in a jail cell right now. The charges stem from him and a couple of accomplices storming into a hotel room and confronting two men who were in possession of some of OJ memorabilia, with a gun. Not the best way to get your point across when you were aquitted of murder really.
Did he stand a hope though of getting off with this? The jury was made up of nine women and three men and it took them over 13 hours to deliver a verdict but when they came back, OJ was guilty on every last charge. he now faces 5 years t life behind bars.
More on this as the story develops. oj

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    White people have wanted OJ in jail for years. Now they can finally put him there. DAMN SHAME!!!!


    this some bullshit free that dude he a ass but he aint do nothing wrong


    how he get more years than the dude wit the gun