Breezy Trying To Holler At Rihanna?

 |  June 21, 2011

Chris Brown obviously felt that he hadn’t garnered enough Twitter attention last week with his Frank Ocean tweet-battle, so he tweeted RiRi “You got that pic I sent you?” over the weekend. This is a very loaded question, considering the pics that these two have sent each other in the past (helllllo Breezy’s penis).

The post was taken down pretty much immediately, but of course several fans managed to grab it in a screenshot. Rihanna’s fans were none too happy about her decision to follow Brown on Twitter, leading RiRi to respond with: “Its f—in twitter, not the alter! calm down” . The ‘pic’ tweet is the first public Twitter exchange between the two since then. Are these two sexting? Again? Spotted at the BB.


  • Ahgf

    Chris brown's dumb… but i don't think he's dumb enough to ask on twitter if she received the naked picture that he sent her….

    the picture could be of anything..