Britney is looking for sole custody

 |  November 8, 2006

By: Hot  Gossip Gal

      Only two months after the birth of her second child with possibly the most talked about wanna be husband turned rapper, Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline are calling it a day. Papers were filed by the Louisiana pop sensation at Los Angeles County Superior Court yesterday, the reason for the divorce being cited as irreconcilable differences.

      Brit Brit is looking for sole custody of her two children with K-Fed and as an air-tight pre-nup was signed before the two embarked on their two year overly exposed attempt at marital bliss, money definitely isn’t going to be a major issue in this divorce.
      Having stopped by the David Letterman Show earlier in the week to show off her new physique, it is doubtful that Brittany will be single for long and K-Fed should have plenty of lyrical content for his sophomore album now after his first attempt Playing with Fire literally crashed and burned.

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