There is A LOT of music in NYC.  There is A LOT of hip-hop in NYC.  My goal is to begin to highlight great new artists/groups/labels that some of you may not be familiar with.  Not all of this music will be from NYC, I’m not that big of a hater.

Modern Shark is a label I f*ck with.  Junk Science is a group I bump.  This Brooklyn duo dropped a dope new video called “Really Man.”  This is off their new album “A Miraculous Kind Of Machine.”  It’s a re-imagining of the John Lennon/Mark David Chapman incident, which hits close to home for me because my parents heard the shots that killed Lennon as they were around the corner.

Modern Shark is a label that pushes some great acts that have been around making quality hip-hop for over a decade.  I can’t lie, this isn’t your Raekwon, cooking rock up in the kitchen in the PJ’s, type hip-hop.  This is on some other sh*t.  I’ll include the link to a free mixtape they dropped a month ago to give you an idea as to what they’re about but I suggest opening your ears and your mind and showing some love to great music.  I’d love to hear what people have to say about this label and this group as always.  I’m not on that Ricky Rose ‘ish, I’m into the backpack, undground, sampling, graffiti ‘ish.  Don’t hate, participate. (Yea I said that)