By Quibian Salazar-Moreno
      If you liked the Busta Rhymes that you saw during the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors broadcast this week, expect to see more of that. In an interview wih Rolling Stone, Busta said that his new album, “Back on my BS,” is driven on that kind of energy.
      “People haven’t seen the Busta Rhymes that they have grown to know and love,” he told Rolling Stones. “It’s not that they haven’t been getting the traditional party records, ’cause I always do that better than anything, but the whole thing when I come out with the outfits, the hat, the coat. I’m promising the same track record I always set for myself, which is the phenomenal collaborations that people don’t usually do before I do ‘em, to continue as a legacy. You can definitely expect something super duper stellar. Hot energy joints and songs that are a little bit more approachable aren’t going to feel as dark, even though I got a lot of situations to talk about, ’cause of the last year. I still have so much to be happy for.”
      Linkin Park is featured on the album and the first single, “I Think That We Made It,” is produced by Cool & Dre.

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    Blue Sky Black Death

  • !The Stars And Scars

    Holla For The Best In Hip Hop !!!

  • Carlito Bragonti33


  • sonlizzy

    bussa bus is still ill. and he don’t make joints for wack people.

  • youngkilla

    Fuck you carlito hip hop aint about sellin a million record!! dumy!! he is hiphop and undeniably one of the best. you fuckin lame!!

  • mississippian

    Ya’ll need to leave Carlito alone now ya’ll know he don’t know no better.
    How you say some stupid shit like.
    Busta go back to the days before you were probably born 4 real. How much you getting paid by the NHA to say that shit?
    (national haters association)

  • SwaggerEx

    Yo Busa Buss is fire! That Carlio cat is lame, you the bullshit that plagues hip hop now.

  • Lahd

    Carlito Braganti…hmmm great original name child. Busta Ryhmes more hiphop than 80% of the crap that pollutes Billboard, RnB and HipHop charts worldwide. As OC said ‘I’d rather be broke and have a whole lotta respect’. Busta has so much more resepect than the pricks that pick up a mic nowadays… shall I say um gggggg gay-unit. Carlito couldn’t carry Bussa’s jock strap. Eat a fat one lil man!

  • VirginiaJay1

    Nigga Busta is one of the G.O.D’S of this Hip Hop shit nigga! Know that!! From the Comming to E.L.E., nigga he shuts shit down. We need that type of Woo Haah shit banging in the streetz yta dig. ONE.


    carlito can suck a dick and die slow, bus been on his game and the nigga doent bite rhymes that nigga is an originator mutha fucka