By: Rizoh

      Busta Rhymes, who turned down a prosecutor’s offer of six months in jail as penalty for two assault charges, is now considering a judge’s deal that will allow him to walk free if he pleads guilty to a lesser assault charge. According to Manhattan Judge Tanya Kennedy said Busta (born Trevor Smith Jr.) could plead guilty to third-degree assault and enjoy a conditional discharge.

      The conditional release offer includes five days of community service, two weeks of youth lectures, and a six-month anger management program.

What landed Busta in this hot soup in the first place? As previously reported on, the 34-year old rapper threw punches at one of his drivers on December 26, 2006. The driver, Eddie Hatchet, had gone to Busta’s office to demand outstanding payment for his services.

       If Busta Bus accepts the plea deal, the charges would be dropped in six months.

Regular folks would probably spend years in jail for a similar bust. It sure pays to be rich and famous.