But talking of New York

 |  January 9, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal
       VH1 aired two new reality shows last night. I love New York and Ego
Trips The (White) Rapper Show. Wow was the first word that came to mind when New York sent home Wood. How she could send home that ‘fine hunk of chocolate’ had me up all night. Even if he was a TV Show regular, he would have been kept around for a minute just because ‘the big man with a big heart’ was fynnnnnneeeee. Looks like play boy Chance is taking a big chance at getting off on the wrong foot with
NY’s Momma. But if there is one person who will help her keep the boys in check it is Token, did you see homeboy grassing on all the other dudes in the house. But gotta love the fact that Romance and Boston are still there.

Moving onto the White rapper thing…hmmmm dildos and the n word are not really working for Far Rockaways contribution to the show. Persia, what a hot mess, but gotta show her love for her battling, she held her team down in the South Bronx as they walked the streets looking for respect from their hood. One thing I have to say is there is just no star quality in  The White House. Some surprised me with their
capabilities and some just made me want to point them in the direction of the shower, being dirty and grimy in the literal sense. But I guess we just have to see where this goes, but I don’t think its going to beat out I Love New York when it comes to numbers.

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    The White rapper show is a joke…a real funny one..but not to be takin serious…The writer got to into the I Love New York show.