So it’s looking like Cam’ron & Jim Jones are going to be dropping a collaborative album entitled, Fly Boys.  According to an interview Jim did with Green Lantern & The Boss Lady:

Boss Lady: “What’s the status of the [Dipset] album?

Capo: “The Diplomat album…it’s a grind in process.  I think me and Killa’s Fly Boys album will come out right before the Diplomat album.

Boss Lady: “What’s that all about, The Fly Boy album?

Capo: It’s an album we set out to do years ago when we first started the Diplomat movement.  We was setting up the different albums we were doing with Diplomatic records…Me and Cam was like we gunna do a Fly Boys album.  We call ourselves the fly boys, I think I’m pretty fly.



  • Mike Denny

    These dudes just don't got it, bruh. Move over. Whatever they think their swag is no longer exists. 


  • Infamous15214

    Dipset is that group when they together!!