Former Dipset leader, Cam’ron continues his independent quest by forming a new crew and taking on a new business venture.  Killa Cam issued a press release yesterday stating that he will form a new company, The U.N. as well as a subdivision of the Dipset brand which will be known as Dipset WestCam’ron who hopes to turn his new brand into a “movement” spoke highly of his group members, telling the press, “Our new roster: Charlie Clips, Byrd Lady, Vado, Fly Boyz, Begetz and Young Hustle were all selected by me and my business partner, Omar ‘Iceman’ Sharif.”

Sharif, who Cam spoke highly of, was announced as the C.E.O. of The U.N. and is the part-owner of Dipset WestCam stated Sharif will oversee the creation of albums, films, DVDs, and other commercial releases from the brand.  In the past, Sharif has executive produced for acts such as Onyx, ODB, Mariah Carey, Trey Lorenz, AZ, SheekLouch , Hell Rell, Killah Priest, RZA, Sunz of Man, Loon, Slim Thug, and Xzibit.  The self-proclaimed “Iceman” also executive produced the documentaries American Rap Stars and Female Rap Stars. Sharif is known in the industry for reaching a deal with Suge Knight to distribute Death Row products through Koch as well as negotiating Onyx’s deal with Koch.

Cam’ron’s next move is to release the Gangsta Grillz Mixtape with DJ Drama, The U.N.’s debut album, and solo albums for Vado and Begetz before dropping another LP himself. Cam told the press Wednesday, “we got a movie coming out called The Bakery and then we’ll drop the second installment of Killa Season.”  Cam also said he wanted to make a bio-pic film about convicted African American crime figure Guy Fischer who controlled much of the heroin trade in Harlem during the ’70s.

It’s doubtful that The U.N. and Dipset West can garner the success of the Diplomats movement or even remain relevant, but one thing’s for sure, Cam knows how to reinvent himself.

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