Canibus dropped his new album, “For Whom the Beat Tolls,” this week and even old fans are coming back around. According to Canibus it’s probably because he came in with a different mentality this time out.

"I gave it 100% and the rhymes on there are explosive. There are some records that came out in the past and sometimes, the lyrics would be explosive, but the concepts were over people’s heads," Canibus said. "At the same time, my fans are the ones who have always known me as someone that’ll put their minds in overdrive. It’s poetry, it’s not just rap to me. I’m taking these concepts and trying to make them rhyme, so I’m not missing a beat."

The album features contributions from Vinnie Paz, GZA, Killah Priest, K-Solo, Scram Jones, J. Wells, Zinn Deadly, and Capital Gang Movement.

  • Will the Thrill

    Where’s all the real hip hop fans on this one? You dudes are followers and hypocrites if you say that Canibus is garbage!!!

  • DeadPoo1

    Can-I-Bus is always gonna be one of the blow-torches of the game. PPl just haven’t given him his props,oh yeah one more thing from Bus………Fuck Eminem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xcifier

    i dont realy skim th@ canibus can make it to the top f the game lyk t.i.p .mr flemz