By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Carlos Mencia’s Comedy Central show, Mind of Mencia had a bit of a rough start in the shadow of Chappelle’s Show. But now he’s gearing up to tape his third season and is pulling no punches and will be going after Michael Richards’ racist tirade.

      “Turns out we get a copy of one of the lost episodes of ‘Seinfeld,’ in which a black family moves into their building," Mencia told the L.A. Daily News. "It’s all about Kramer’s reaction to the family when he has this dialogue with Jerry."

      And it doesn’t stop there.

      "We gotta tackle Mel Gibson, of course. And we also have to tackle the fact there are no Latin superheroes. We’ve had some black X-Men, but no Hispanic X-Men, and there’s going to be a change to that with something like ‘Beanerman.’ ‘He came from outer space in a giant bean, he’s the most amazing beaner you’ve ever seen. He’ll spot immigrants pickin’ lettuce, when we’re in trouble, he’ll never forget us’ … something like that."

      Mencia recently released season two of Mind of Mencia on DVD along with his comedy special, ‘No Strings Attached’.