A New York federal judge threw out the case against DJ Drama in a claim involving the reportedly illegal sales of his collabo mixtapes with Lil Wayne. The judge ruled that Cash Money Records had failed to provide a “valid legal claim against the defendants”. The judge cleared Drama and several other defendants in the case, the distribution company they signed with, who were charged with accusations of illegally peddling Weezy’s music. Accusations that were denied by Drama in April. There’s no beef between Drama and Weezy and Drama says:
“This is not a case of Lil Wayne vs. DJ Drama. Me and Wayne are good,” he said. “I am confident that this matter will be resolved quickly without harming the relationships between myself, Wayne and Cash Money Records.
The issue arose when Drama began selling his mixtapes to retail outlets, then Cash Money filed suit against the Texas-based company BCD Music Group, an independent distribution company that had a contract with Drama to sell his projects, including the Wayne collaboration Dedication 2. According to court documents, Cash Money was given until September 9 to amend their initial complaint and continue the lawsuit. The attorney representing BCD Music Group told the Hip Hop blog site AllHipHop.com, that Cash Money Records
had requested that the case be dismissed ‘without prejudice’ … which would have meant that Cash Money could try again. … However, the judge agreed with our request that it be dismissed ‘with prejudice,’ which basically drives a stake through the heart of the action and puts the final nail in the coffin of this lawsuit. It’s over and done!”