Cassidy Arrest Cleared Up

 |  May 22, 2011

So last week a story hit the internet that Cassidy had been arrested for a probation violation and was named as a suspect in two murders.  Well as I suspected it was just a huge misunderstanding.  While Cassidy theoretically may have violated his probation it seems as if it was mainly a miscommunication between himself and his new PO officer.  He told Cosmic Kev via HHDX:

“It was something light. I’m still on probation from the situation that I dealt with about six, seven years ago,” he explained. “Y’all know I was down for the murder and the two attempted murders before. I beat the murders and the two attempts, but I got involuntary manslaughter and two aggravated assaults. So for the two aggravated assaults, I’m still on probation. It’s like a real light probation.”

Cass, who is staying in Bergen County, New Jersey, would usually receive calls from his probation officer to schedule a visit, but he was recently given a new P.O. who expected him to come through without prompt. “I’m running around the world. I didn’t even go every month like the regular person, so it slipped my mind,” he said. “The way my P.O. wrote the warrants out was that I had a warrant, and he put the murder on there because that was the case it was revolved around. […] But I wasn’t fighting a new jawn.”

His lawyer and entertainment lawyer headed to court to make sure that everything was squared away. “They both went down there to get everything straight. And when they talked to the judge, they realized it was just a warrant because of violation of probation because I didn’t go to see my P.O.,” he said. “And the murder stuff that was on the paper, that didn’t hold no weight. The cops said ‘All he was wanted for was the violation of probation, not no murder or nothing like that.’ So that’s how I was able to get the warrants lifted, and then once I proved to the people in Jersey that I got the warrants lifted, they was able to lift the fugitive charge and I was able to come home.”

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