cee-lo-ihhCee Lo’s “F*ck You” record was a winner from the first time I heard it. But i’d be lying if I thought it’d blow up like it did. He noticed that 50 dropped his take on the song a few days later and liked what he did. According to NME he said “I figured we should have a talk, make sure it’s formal and let’s go all the way with it and shoot a video, who knows it may breath even more life into [the song.]”

I think this collab could work out well if it happened. 50’s a funny dude and a new verse along with a humorous video could give the song another push. The only thing I can’t get behind is changing the song title to “Forget You” for radio. They obviously can’t get away with the original name but “Forget” really kills the track’s sting. I would’ve been fine if they switched it up with “Screw You” and/or possibly censored it with a sound that fit the instrumental. But at least we have the original work to fall back on.

Moving on, Gnarls Barkley heads may be pleased to know that Cee-Lo is still interested in doing another Gnarls Barkley album with Dangermouse. Both artists are tied up with other projects but Green said “We don’t talk about music formally, we just do it, so we’ve not discussed what direction he would like to go in, so it will be a brand new experience all over again.” St. Elsewhere was fine by me even for a pop record.  Let’s see what they’ll cook up once their schedules are free.  Also be sure to check out the artwork for Lady Killer.

Via hiphopdx