It would be hard not to write about this when damn near every other blog in the Western hemisphere has discussed it today. Dumb ass Ne-Yo recently said in an interview that he has peeped fine ass Jeezy naked on numerous occasions as the two live next door to each other in some complex in Atlanta. The R&B singer whose sexuality has been questioned many times before even went as far as to tell the interviewer that he had actually called Jeezy one time to tell him he could see the rapper running around the house naked.
I mean come on, one man telling another man he is watching his naked ass running around the crib, isn’t that somewhat suspect?

  • Cmahdi

    Somewhat Indeed! even if I saw a NiCCA naked I aint gonna tell Tish! First of all I dont give a Damn!

  • Loose Da Ceo

    Ne-Yo your a great singer and song writer but thats crossing the biggest line of all… Hey chin up Jeezy next time Ne-Yo is around you and you catch his head looking down tell him chin up. HaHaHaHa

  • CaSeno

    That’s gross

  • guccimane99

    that some bull shit beat hiz ass the next time u c him