By: Rizoh

      Looks like 50 Cent will have to find a different rapper to start a fake beef with, because Chamillionaire is just not ready to fall for his gimmicks. Remember that Spin interview where 50 made some disparaging remarks about Chamillionaire? 50 was asked what he thinks about artists like Cham who’ve decided to strip their lyrics of cuss words. His response, “Let him [Chamillionaire] go sell gospel records, if he’s so f***in’ righteous,” barely moved the Chamillitary man.

      Cham told that it’s not a big issue to him. “You know when it’s a real beef or something like that. 50 Cent just made some comments; he was frustrated a little bit.  Somebody said my name in an interview, and then they kept saying my name to him and then he was just like, “You know, tell Chamillionare to go sell gospel records,” or whatever.  I know the character of 50 Cent, he’s the type of person that will give you a very raw answer, you know what I mean?  It’s kinda like, you put Kanye West on TV he might just keep it all the way real and do something unexpected.  You gotta know the nature of the person, so that’s why I’m not really trippin’ off of that.”

      Koopa added that 50 Cent has earned some bragging rights, because of his mainstream success. “The fact it that he sold so many more records and he has a braggin’ right, you know what I mean?  He sold 20 million plus records, and, I sold 1.5 [million] which is good, but just compared to what he’s done, I can’t even sit here and go back to something like that.”

  • LordSha

    Chamillionaire is what hip hop needs.

  • Young Kezz

    Chamillionaire Is a standup Guy.. Mii nigga aint gotta sweat 50 cause Cham gone shine regardless..Do tthat shit chamillionaire

  • astrogreen

    Don’t worry Cham, you damn near too nice (literally and lyrically) to be dissin a nincompoop like Curtis. Keep up the good work! Ya two new videos is fire!


    thas wassup though .

  • NiggaRican

    Cham is my dude for real. We need more people to handle situations like that. Hold down TX my nig.

  • MurdaP

    That nigga Pussy he better let that shit ride or its back to making money off mixtapes 50 ends niggas careers when is the last time yall Seen Cam

  • RealTalk18

    Cham is a real dude…50 is jus a walking publicity stunt …wat kinda dude starts beef to sell records?

  • narry

    No hes not worried about it because 50’s a Steroid enraged pompous
    ass thats not worth his attention Chamillionaire Doing his thing and he doesn’t Need to worry about a lame snitchin closet homo

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    I feel what this dude said…..Thats whats up. 50 can learn from this dude. Beef is played in Hip Hop.

  • MurdaP

    50 hard you see that nigga aint come out his mouth twisted 50’ll fuck around and shelf that nigga career you see what he did to Styles P

  • Lil rick

    chamillion to real and is to mature to let 50 try to push his sales off beef and blacks need to finally unite any way so grow up homey act yo age not yo shoe size and change a nation

  • Thomas-Crown

    cham too smart to become a part of curtis market campaign,, even though cham could rap circles around that clown..

  • mississippian

    But Murda that’s Styles P tho.
    50 lyrically is not ready for something like this pimpin I don’t care how hard he THINK he is. This ain’t Ja Rule he dealing wit this time pimpin. I think the Chamillion would smash that cat like a potato chip bag homes.

  • Blade770


  • steve31911

    fuck fifty he aint do shit to styles p. record company bullshit is why his shit was on the shelf time is money was dope as fuck. fifty needs to pick out a beef wit someone he got an album coming out thats how he been sellin records all this time. went from jarule to nas and jada now cham what a fag. fiddy is wack!!!

  • kidsprings

    50 is my nigga
    lol..that 20 mil got him feelin real nice

  • CMUR

    50 did shut careers down in his prime, but 50 got shut down and aint coming back now, he pussy, all talk straight up. I aint never heard of him actually doin no real beefin.

  • MsCheeks

    50 is going to fuck around and someone is going to end his little wack ass career he swears he’s the best which he’s not I know cham could kill his ass in battle in 2 minutes!

  • cmg..bitchez

    50 get money but he homo so is cham so doth these niggaz is wak and 50 didnt do nuttin to styles career he light years ahead of these no metaphor soft ass commercial no punchline bob barker tv show ass niggaz…….d- block

  • Mr_Gain_Green

    Murda i feel u my nigga, tired of these 50 haters

  • Dat_Boi_Shad

    Dis nigga Murda P has to be a faker,a fraud,a phony,a snitch,police,C.I.,fedarally just like 40cent.What nigga holds a meeting in a federal buiding,What nigga gets a order of protection on niggas,What nigga talks to police bout beef,What nigga lies bout getting shot 9 times,but it was 3 times.What nigga names himself after a real gangster.The list goes on lil nigga Murda P.50’s not a real nigga nor a tough guy.You respect da police niggas,then i know you popcorn pussy also.Real recognize real you faker.Take da murda out yo name and put dat shit in yo pocket pussy.I’m tired of these so called tough guy niggas.Cham iz real and respects anotha man.Get off 40cents nuts BUSTA!!!

  • tha one and only

    don’t worry about 50 becuz i believe his ass was in the special classes becuz he dumb ass fuck

  • ZeroCloudz

    Dats my nigga, im his biggest fan

  • Ace_Da_Great

    FUCK 50 that nigga a hoe cham that nigga no lie