|  December 10, 2008













Looks like two of the most internet savvy artists ready to face off with Charles Hamilton mouthing off about not wanting to be compared to Soulja Boy and rightly so and Soulja Boy saying CH is just jealous…hmmm ok but seriously its easy to see both these guys arguments. Soulja Boy doesn’t like pink and CH doesn’t like to dance. No but seriously, from what I am hearing and reading it sounds like Soulja Boy got a lil confused as to where CH was coming from, which wouldn’t be the first time that has happened. All CH was saying in his recent interview was he doesn’t want to be seen as the New Soulja Boy as he is nothing like him and he isn’t, yet when he is taking meetings with labels, Ole Boy is all people want to talk about.
It’s coming up to the holidays man, where is the peace, love and happiness in the world?

  • Adiktiv

    People try to group or compare artist all day long and that’s wrong. Every artist is an individual and can’t be compared to the next. That’s like tryna compare Pac to Big. You can’t do it. To make that comparrison would be like trying to compare apples to They aren’t even in the same food If your going to make a comparrison between artist then there’s only two groups. Good and