|  January 12, 2009


Hardly surprising really, but Charli Baltimore has now started sounding off about this whole BIG/Lil Kim relationship. The Philly rapstress digresses in a recent interview that Lil Kim and Biggie ‘just f**ked’ and Kim was never Big’s girl. Damn even when the man is ten years dead these chicks are still fighting over who was what and who did what in his life. Basically Charli who was also involved with Big around the same time he was married to Faith Evans and rolling with Lil Kim said she knew her role but Kim didn’t know hers and it was obvious at his funeral that Kim who allegedly rolled around on the floor grief-stricken didn’t know hers. Lil Kim a drama Queen? No say it isn’t so.
Maybe this will add fuel to Kim’s fire and she can drop some material on us for a change. Would be nice to hear from her again.