Chelsea Handler Vs. Nick Cannon

 |  October 15, 2010

Haha, everyone seems to tool on Nick Cannon.  Chelsea fired a shot at Cannon, that I thought was pretty funny, and Nick took it real personal and got defensive.  Way to make it racial Nick.  50 must really be rubbing off on Chelsea if she is getting into beefs and what not.


  • mariah carey

    yeah whats the deal?? it just comes out of no where but he is right, white trash has beef with a corny nigga like this. why? she could catch backlash from that nick cannon is so corny. its like Maino going in on carrot top! lol

  • TheLL6

    nick know 50 hittin dat betta not say nothin stupid lmao

  • Bill Maher

    nigga 50 IS 50…years old that is! what the fuck is he gonna do? rap about him? lol