So on the episode of When I Was 17, Chris Brown definitely gave his fans an all-access pass to his bowel movements. At first it seems like a funny story, something a little humanizing but lighthearted.

Then Chris Brown just shares a little too much!

“When I was 17, I was going around touring around the world performing, and for the kickoff for one of our tours, I was eating the food that gave me food poisoning. So I got, like, midway through the show, and I just remember my stomach starting bubbling. So I just remember dancing and onstage in the midst of all that, [and] I … sharted? The crowd didn’t know it, and I had like an outfit change coming up, so I said, ‘Yeah, I can hold it out one more song,’ and this is real disgusting and too descriptive, it was just … I just remember it running down my leg.”

Did he really have to say all of that? Makes me wonder if Chris really introduced the whole idea of the stanky leg.