Now that Ciara has made public her desire to be released from her label, what’s a girl to do?  She blames Jive Records for the failure of her last offering – Basic Instinct – which was the lowest charting album she has released to far.  So when your album bombs and you hate your label, Ciara thinks you should just act like all is cool. She spoke to Yahoo Australia recently, claiming that she is just taking some time to enjoy life and let things fall into place:

“Right now, I am in the process of letting things fall how they are supposed to. It may sound crazy to you, but I have never really managed to take time for me and to enjoy my life and enjoy the benefits I have been blessed with”.

“I want to look back five years from now and be happy I have set up the proper building blocks for my business to run on, even if I don’t want to perform. I am working hard on every aspect of my career, from who I am as a performer to making music, TV and films. From my perspective, my goal is to do more than just perform. To use the platform I have been given to turn it into something more, to do something different.”

Apparently Ciara is also planning on launching a successful modeling career, a talent school, a TV/Movie career, and all manner of sh*t. So we’ll see what happens if she manages to wriggle out of Jive’s clutches. Spotted at NB.