Ciara Catches Another Huge L!

 |  February 9, 2011

Ciara is just catching L’s left and right.  First she was acting thirsty towards 50 on twitter, and now it appears as if Jive Records is throwing her to the curb.  Perfect example of how just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they are a profitable entity.  The bottom lines are at the forefront of the labels minds these days.  According to PH:

  • The singer was expected to release her new single from the repeatedly delayed and poorly received Basic Instinct, Turn It Up, on March 8th, but now it seems that it’s been canned! Worse yet, rumors are circulating that her label, Jive, is pulling the plug on her album and dropping her in the process!Sources say that gurlfriend’s become “a drain on label resources” because she still hasn’t been able to find her genre and voice.

However, there are rumors that she is in negotiations with Interscope for a new deal.  This chick is too good at being wicked hot and simulated sex to not get another look.


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