Clipse Address Supposed Jay-Z Diss

 |  January 12, 2010

Blueprint 3 was another classic for Jay-Z and it came with a few shots at other artists as well. Said shots include the supposed diss towards the Clipse on Jay’s “Thank You”. The line being misconstrued as a diss towards Pusha and Malice goes:

“Let us save you some trouble son/What size suit you is?/This way after the Ruger shoots through a few clips/You can lay in your casket just as you is/We appreciate the target practices/We’ll be sure to send flower baskets kid…”

Clipse recently sat down with Vibe and was asked about the supposed shots Jay threw at them, but the brothers don’t think the lines are intentional and can’t see any reason why Jay would diss them. Pusha T says:

“People have been asking me about that. I don’t know. I don’t know man. Jay-Z ‘has’ to like The Clipse. He raps. He’s a rapper, he has to like The Clipse. Come on, he’s heard us before. He knows we’re good.”

Malice says:

“I hate to think that, I mean, really we just The Clipse. You know, we ain’t sold millions and millions of records so why would anybody do that?”

I agree, who doesn’t like the Clipse? Jay wouldn’t just throw disses out there without purpose behind them and Clipse wouldn’t be collaborating with Kanye

Check out Clipse talking with Vibe below.