This past Valentines/ President’s Day holiday weekend, disaster once again struck the island nation that is Haiti. A little over a full month after the devastating earthquake that struck, a reported 10,000 Haitians fell ill to a strange epidemic which resulted in victims throwing up in their mouths. Irregardless of whether said Haitians were fed or were starving due to the lack of food and the difficulty of transporting supplies to survivors, this strange outbreak was non-discriminatory. Initially blaming the stagnant drinking water, witnesses and victims alike are now all attributing the outbreak to coincide with this weekend’s release of the publicly maligned celebrated release of the ‘We Are The World 25 For Haiti’ remake and official video which leaked on Haitian radio and which was available to most Haitians via internet and television. Upon suffering the bout of mouth vomiting, one Haitian women screamed at the top of  her lungs “Bon Dieu, pou ki sa?!?”

Below is a clip of the intolerable video in issue. Please view with caution as this viewer (located in Brooklyn, New York) also came down with a case of mouth vomiting.


Haitian officials are confirming that the massive disaster relief is still taking place. They are also encouraging all to continue in their donation efforts.