I finally saw the “phenomena” that is Kat Stacks. This past weekend, the Internets were ablaze about this video groupie chick “heaux” that took a page from the legendary Superhead and started naming names. The Internets were saying that Stacks took Karrine Stefans’ game to a whole new level. I took some time last night and read the entirety of her blog here. You really need to read it, just to get a better handle on how tragic this is. I also watched her two most popular video clips, the second one where she not only names names, but throws out rappers’ phone numbers, rappers she claim’s she’s slept with.

This is some really painful shit. On her blog, she has images of scars on her wrists, evidence of the times she probably attempted suicide. There’s also a picture of her fighting another girl in the street when she was around the age of 7 or 8. Stories of her pimps, and the physical abuse she’s experienced. Then the videos. Reading her “work”, listening to her speak, it’s very clear that on top of whatever she’s carrying emotionally, and she’s carrying beaucoup, but there’s no way you can’t see that she’s not all mentally there, mentally, emotionally Kat Stacks has real issues that might be treatable, but until she get’s treatment, she’s in dire need of some real help.

Her story plays out loudly, born into a dysfunctional family with questionable karma, her brain probably affected by too much exposure to drugs, probably when she was in her mother’s womb. Left to venture the streets at a young age. Light skinned, cute, lost, vulnerable, she was probably pimped for sex when she was 10, 11 12 years old. Falling within the proximity of rappers, she chose, with her limited mental capacity, the more respectable path of sexing, then airing cats out on the ‘Nets. What a train wreck.

Some people are out for blood, because of how low Stacks has gone, how she’s disrespecting herself and throwing rappers under the bus. I’m tryna figure out how these rappers even decided to have sex with her. Any man with a sense of thought would instantly see that she’s not all there, and any steps in moving forward in any way sexual would be nothing less than taking advantage of her limited faculties. And I kind of see that as extending the circle of abuse.

The worst is that her gambit is paying off. For now. Kat Stacks has the Internets going nuts. There’s rumors even, of her having a book deal (any publisher down with this is further taking advantage of this twisted soul’s misery). For the time being, if she does cash in, hundreds of thousands of lost little girls like her will hold her as their savior. More morals will be flushed down the toilet, and precious lives will continue to be soiled by drunk niggas’ cum shots, made forever famous in the video hell that their tell all clips create.

I ain’t no Captain Save A…, but this little girl needs more than fame, fortune, ridicule and disdain.

This can’t possibly end well for her.

  • Shaniqua

    I disagree that it's hard to see why rappers would sleep with her, she's hot, has a hot body, and I doubt she rolls up on them letting them know that she'll tell all on the internet if they ain't treat her right…she no doubt has skills or they wouldn't be interested. But nowww…she's infamous on the internet for giving out rapper's details and numbers. I don't think it'll be all that easy to add more notches to her celebrity bedpost now.

  • Lex Diamond

    Shawty ok but them niggas did her dirty that's y she is going on them niggas.

  • Cyerca

    It's light skin not light skinned

  • hot

    shut up biiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttchhhh

  • synnciti

    I agree with a lot of whats said in this article. A lot of women are treated ill. That really doesnt give you the right to break up homes and or give out personal information. While we are on that someone define how they treated her wrong? No one lied and said they'd try to wife her up. She even said she knew it was nothing more than sex taking place. So howd anyone treat her wrong? I feel she has an issue w men in general and found it attracts more attention to target celebs. She has issues but shes an adult, no reason to feel pity for a woman that is enjoying the limelight and doing everything possible to stay in it. She another tila tequila in my eyes.

  • lord_devious

    Im at pizza hut Im at the taco bell Im at the combination pizza hut and taco bell….wha?


    :Any man with a sense of thought would instantly see that she’s not all there, and any steps in moving forward in any way sexual would be nothing less than taking advantage of her limited faculties.” simple we all know most crazy chicks got that bomb pussy. it's like a fucking genetic trait crazy in the head good in bed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MrDC2013 Darren Taylor-Collins

    who fucks rick ross she had 2 bury her face n his gut wtf