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When you think clothing and rappers you may think Kanye West and Louis Vuitton, Pharrell and Bathing Ape etc etc but would Common and Microsoft come to mind? Hmm probably not but you better be on the look out for that line as the Chicago MC has linked with the computer giant to design a line of T-Shirts which look super fly, well in my opinion anyway. I like seeing people making clothes with a purpose, not just to rake in the cash and promote themselves with tacky designs and an over abundance of labels. It looks like Common and Microsoft might just be on to a winner here with this line. See what you think with a couple of the designs featured here.
The line features the old fonts and styles which were used by Microsoft back in the 80’s.

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In other Common related news, his album Universal Mind Control which dropped last week has garnered mixed reviews from critics with media in his home city not really feeling what he was comign with on this album. Check out what IHipHop’s reviewer Serge had to say about the album by CLICKING HERE. It is in stores today.