By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      It’s been a busy two years for Common. He’s been acting in films like “Smoking Aces” and the upcoming Denzel flick “American Gangster”. And he’s been putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album, “Finding Forever”. To whet the appetites of fans, the Kanye-produced track “The People” was leaked to the internet and has been getting decent reviews listen here:

      In other Common news, the rapper has been cast opposite Angelina Jolie in the upcoming film, “Wanted”. Common plays as “Gunsmith” an expert on the use of firearms.

      "I’m basically this dude that’s a master at shooting guns,” Common told MTV. “I’m training this gentleman that’s coming in, who really has certain abilities but doesn’t know it; I’m training him on how to be what he should be."

      There was also an announcement that Common accepted a role to play opposite Forest Whitaker and Keanu Reeves in the upcoming flick “Night Watchman”. Common will play as Coates, a heroin dealer posing as an undercover cop. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film centers on a disgraced cop who discovers corruption inside the police department and sets out on a mission to redeem himself.