By: Rizoh

     If you’re considering suing Beyonce and family for some extra bucks, think again. A judge dismissed a suit filed against the Knowles by a former associate claiming they didn’t pay him commission he was owed.

      According to reports, Supreme Court Justice Herman Kahn found no proof of a written contract between Icon Entertainment CEO Greg Walker and the Knowles women. Consequently, Walker wasn’t entitled to commission from the alliance between Beyonce and Wear Me Apparel, E! News said. (Ouch!)

      Walker claimed, in the lawsuit, that Beyonce paid him $25,000 for helping her establish some marketing and endorsement deals.

      It must feel good to be young, rich, and Beyonce.



  • dreadklove

    B. and her fam be grinding…. 8 videos at one time…rerelease joint in english and spanish…daaammmnnn.Watch out for dem crabs yall’..