Da Beatminerz

 |  January 9, 2007

Artist/Group Name (also group members’ names):

Da Beatminerz (Evil Dee & Mr. Walt)

Reppin’ (What city you reppin’?):

Bucktown, NY

Affiliation (What crew or artists you roll with?):


Too Numerous to Mention but Most Known for Boot Camp Clik

Influences (Who inspires you? Not limited to just hip-hop):


Anything that sounds good (Early Stevie, James,

Prince, Curtis Mayfield, Vintage Reggae, Psychedelic, etc., etc.)

Backstory (How’d you get in the game? How did the group form? What work did you put in before getting signed to a label?)


Always been into music since we were kids. We both worked in different record stores.

Current project (What are you pushing right now? What can people expect from it? Feel free to just hype your album here…why did you name the album that name? Was there a theme? Any funny stories during its creation?)


Got "Unmarked Music" Coming out @ the top of the year. Called "Unmarked Music" cuz It’s under the table hip hop.

Purpose (What kind of impact do you hope to have on the game? Do you just want to go platinum or is there something more?)


Just want the music to be heard

Is hip-hop really dead? (Wax philosophical here, break down what you think of hip-hop today or compare it to when you were coming up. Good? Bad? Break it down!)


 It goes thru it’s different cycles. Right Now, It’s time for someone else to shine.

Three wishes (If you had three wishes to change anything within hip-hop, what would they be? Bring someone back to life? Get a Kanye West beat? Make snap music disappear?):


Don’t really have 3 wishes. Well, We got one. Pick Up "Umarked Music" when it comes out.

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