The hole that Andre 3K has left in Hip-Hop is a gaping orifice. KanYe West has tried to fill it [ll], but while he might be one of the most talented musicmakers in a generation he doesn’t have the charismatic chops that 3 Stacks brings to the microphone.

Most rappers end up sounding like half-witted pimps who are really being hustled by their own record companies. I’m embarrassed to learn some of the amounts that labels are offering artists for their life’s work. No wonder AnDre Benjamin walked away from Hip-Hop.

I was perusing the iHipHop.competition when I came across a post featuring a track from Curren$y. I was supposed to get up on this dude way back when my homie Ferris Bueller aka FLuxuryB told me to peep his steez. I didn’t know what Curren$y was doing back then and I didn’t really give a fux.

It wasn’t dude’s time then for my ears, but I respect cats that stay on they grizzly no matter who fux with them. What Curren$y did was he stayed busy so that people could catch up to his movement and that is what is happening this time around. I’m not totally on dude’s bandwagon but I could definitely see myself grabbing a seat.

There’s a lane for all kinds of rap music, especially the kind that spits about loving fast cars and faster women. This is what Andre 3K brought out from his lane. This is where Curren$y picks up the torch. The 3 Stacks comparison is not 100% accurate either because Curren$y’s content gets a little more grimy, but the influence is certainly there.

I would argue that AnDre Benjamin is the father of post-millennial rap in as much as Rakim birthed the styles of most golden age emcees. From the attire to the attempts to sing as much as rap you can see a direct vein from AnDre to KanYe to DrayKay (okay, that was a stretch), but add Curren$y to that list now with this Ski Beats produced track – ‘Role Model‘ (Cop The Song)

There’s plenty of people that Curren$y could have chosen to frame a style around. Why not choose the rapper that the game’s been missing?

iHipHop Sam Edit:  Be sure to check out Spitta’s new single “King Kong“.  Check the trailer as well.  Pilot Talk coming later in the year.  Cop On itunes.


“King Kong”- Curren$y


  • fredMS

    i was listening to southerplayacadicallacmusic the other day and i was thinking the same thing. Obviously 3k would have a huge impact on southern rappers, i feel like he's the jay of the south.

  • M Gramz

    I don't know if andre3K is the right comparison but I'll go with it. I think duke got skills. Here's the plus, I heard he wanted to hop on a track with P!!!

  • Ignacio

    Can you really say 3K is our generations Rakim when I can only really think of one cat he's influenced directly, Kanye. I don't really see the link between Drake and 3K, your going to have to change my mind on that one.

    As for Curren$y, I thought the clone comment was kind of out of pocket, though he has some of that southerplayalistic vibe to him. Not sure if it's lineage though, could just be that his style makes you think of Andre. DP, I suggest you check out “Breakfast in and out” “Scared of Monsters” “Famous” and “Credit.” Those four featureless songs will give you a good idea of dudes style.

  • dallas

    Drake is definitely in lineage of AnDre 3K. While 3K rapped then acted and Drake has acted and now raps you can't tell he is a son of The Love Below?

  • sh3lldon

    curren$y for the last few years has been doing it, and now with DD172 and dame its his time, he doesnt rely on features and his beat selection is always good!

  • fosterakahunter

    Someone of authority, someone whom the people respect, needs to impose a moratorium on new, emerging rappers for a period not to exceed five years, but no less than thirty-six months. Let the industry be purged of the weakest, least creative, most derivative in the bunch, and allow only the strongest, most resilient, to remain. <<Just then, Foster woke up.>>