With a headline like this I’m sure you thought I was referring to Notorious B.I.G. since this week was the anniversary of his murder. I’m sad for B.I.G.’s demise, but I know his passing was deeper than rap (no officer Rawss). The dude that has me surprised he has gone away is Lil’ Wayne. How the hell does Cash Money let their meal ticket get sent to prison?

The fact that no one on that tour bus jumped up to declare that pistol as theirs was what started this whole calamitous process. Lil’ Wayne is supposed to be a boss. There had to be a handful of fools on that bus with no talent that were eating off of Wayne’s nuttsach sweat [ll]. Didn’t these dudes have any loyalty? Any respect for the G code? BTW, what is the effin’ G code? Anyhoo, this incident was damn near three years ago. Anyone else who couldn’t afford a lawyer would have been sentenced to 3.5 years already and been on the back end of their sentence with only a few months to go.

I know this jail sentence gives Lil’ Wayne some street credibility now since he had never gone in during his weed carrying days for B.G. and Juvenile, but to go to jail now in your thirties is hustling backwards. He’s got babies that need him buy them Enfamil and Pampers. Instead he is buying himself white socks with his commissary. Lil’ Wayne wasn’t supposed to be here is my point. While I am no big fan of his rapping I can’t deny that he has talent and has emerged as one of the single biggest acts in the history of rap. For that reason alone there needed to be someone in his camp to take the weight (peace to Guru).

Don’t think that the irony of this jail sentence is lost on me. Like any writer, we live for irony, and our monthly paychecks. Lil’ Wayne was one of the rappers who claimed not to give a fux about a pen. Now he finds himself IN the pen. I hope he starts writing his rhymes down now. His jail sentence is only a few months but with his talent he could emerge from prison with hundreds of songs and ideas ready to take over the rap game once again. I’m sorry that people have dissuaded Lil’ Wayne from creating his rock album because that is the music that a stay on Rikers Island could inspire.

Real rock, from the Rock.

  • http://slangrapdemocracy.com/ aqua

    Good read. Wayne was finished when after insisting he never even touched that gun, the DA came through with DNA pointing to the contrary. Any baggage handler looking to fall on his sword [||] for Weezy didn't even get a shot. Game over.

  • http://dallaspenn.com/weblog DP

    I'm saying tho'. Someone should have stepped up and said that the gat was theirs. Wayne touching it would have been a moot point.

  • Big Poppa

    young money is really going to hace to pick up the slack on this one. but since he made all of those videos and tracks when he went in he good until he get out. his babies is still gone eat and they still gone party and when he get out. ITS EATIN TIME FOR ALL THOSE WEAK RAPPERS!! word from the man.

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  • rthstn

    Wayne is the one making all the money for those 18 other fools on the stage when he performs. One of those dude should have taken the wrap for the heater. Wayne is putting food on their table, but what are they doing for him? He needs to get rid of the bums and just keep his real friends around him.

  • fredMS

    lil wayne got a lil brain


    dp no weed carrier could claim the gun. you didn't hear they linked it to wanye because he jizz was on it. the gun had no prints on it just jizz it might have been lil wanye's sex gun or something. wanye is in his late 20's not in his 30's whats up dp you usually up to date on your facts. i read a coupe days ago he denying to be by himself he wanna be in the population. he going be sagging his pants to his ankle mwhahahahahah

  • http://slangrapdemocracy.com/ aqua

    Definitely agree that someone should have stepped up and claimed the toolie from jump. But since they half stepped, Weezy is in the bing. Like, you said, over THREE years since it went down. fail.

  • No Mames Buey

    “While I am no big fan of his rapping I can’t deny that he has talent…”
    disagree. Lil Wang is a No Talent Ass Clown (c) Michael Bolton of Office Space. Wang Chung might be a “nicer MC” than Lil Wang.

    Ironically Lil Wang might literally be getting his ass, clowned, by prisoner dudes' wangs. I suppose Lil Wang is experience on that “task”, from his “father”, “Baby”. *smh*

  • incilin

    What you didn't watch the Lil Wayne Behind The Music? Wayne's manager and long time friend Cortez Bryant explicitly claimed on that show that it was his gun and not Waynes. Of course then the DA had to go act like a bitch and bring up the idea of using DNA evidence, so Wayne decided to cop a plea rather than risk the full sentence.