Dallas Penn: Leader Of The New Who?!?

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Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 10:18 am
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First off. peep Memph Bleek’s cup of Earl Grey. That my friend is what’s gangsta.

Secondly, can you name anyone in this pic other than Bleek and jay? I can’t tell if that high yella cat is Irv Gotti or not, but I think the other dude might be Lupe Fiasco. What ever happened to that dude? He was on his way to the top but then everything fell out from under him. Part of that was his own doing and the rest, well I can’t really call it.

It was definitely a mistake for Lupe to get all mixed up with Byron Crawford. Nothing good has come to rappers that beef with that dude, just ask Pimp C or Stack Bundles. R.I.P. I’d say Lupe is pretty lucky to be alive right now. Fuxing with Byron Crawford could have gotten him kidnapped by wild mountain primates or some other effery. Keep in mind that Bol is some kind of deposed African.

I find it somewhat ironic that Lupe Fiasco was flippant when he was criticized for flubbing the lines to that A Tribe Called Quest song he was asked to recite by Vh-1 in honor of the group. At least those dudes put in enough work to come up on a Hip-Hop Honor. Lupe Fiasco is fast fading into the background like another Neptunes project, Philly’s Most Wanted. It was never easy to stay on the top of the game, but I don’t even see Lupe getting back in the game. He’s like the Stephon Marbury of the rap game.

For his lack or overtly compelling music Lupe does not lack earnestness. If he wore more pink I wouldn’t be able to tell him from Charles Hamilton. At least Charles Hamilton has a sense of humor about himself. Let me rewind and say that I do think Lupe Fiasco has good music. His second album ‘The Cool’ was one of the better albums in 2007. What is it about Lupe then that makes me feel like he is a bland dude? Is it the idea that he knows about the world at large and acts like he gives a fux?

There’s something about Lupe and I can’t enumerate it right now but I feel like he could walk right past me and I wouldn’t even recognize him. He needs to get himself an Amber Rose. A foxy muse can make even the most milqetoast emcee stand out in a crowd. No shots to ‘Ye Tudda who had a swagger way before Amber. Its just that I fux with Lupe as a person [ll] but as a rapper who could have been the leader of the new cool he’s hustling backwards and becoming the leader of the new who?! Instead of forming a supergroup with N.E.R.D. and ‘Ye Tudda he’s gonna be doing tours with Ace Hood and Spider Loc.

No one will be checking for that album.

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  • http://www.ihiphop.com/ iHipHop

    Lupe has been quiet for a little too long. What's crazy is all these new cats jacked a lot of his swag.

  • ihiphopsam

    This is all heresy, but I heard that Lupe has herpes. Not that should really matter, but I'm bringing it up regardless.

  • educatedwhiteman

    go listen to sean price fat ass I fux with Lupe (DP slang) and thats word to the internets

  • fredMS

    lupe's got a devoted fanbase.

  • rthstn

    I thought CRS was still a go for Lupe, P and Kayne….. No?
    I highly doubt Lupe would sink to the Ace Hood/Spider level. He is very talented and he has got better with every album. He may not be in the same lane for Jay-z or Kanye sales status, but he has a solid following around the world.

    BTW did you hear his Enemy of the State mixtape? He has made a lot of progress as an MC.

  • king blair

    Dat Lupe tape is highly overated he aint spit shit that turned my head and said it shitted on the original and beyond dat he is a dick what kind of fuck noy beefs with bloggers and throws homo ass tantrums over leaks on the remix to his biggest single Tip and Jeezy murked him

  • _Mike Stylezz_

    I was never feelin Lupe`s “swag” anyhow, I really don't mind if I never hear a song from him again.


    i think it is because lupe is smelling himself to much. his fans make him seem like the next big thing until he becomes it and he feeding into those thoughts. he thinks he is at nas's level. he thinks he is at jay-z's level that he has already put in enough work. that we should wait and buy once the album drops. the last thing i remember about lupe like some one else said was the superstar remix. jeezy came in with some good energy slick lines and tip killed that joint. lupe sounded good but he got outshined on his own shit. also like you said dp lack of material come on lupe you want that spot you gotta grind. nobody can hand you the top spot if it was that easy bleek, tony yayo, spliff star and others would be major stars just off accomplishments of there bosses/friends.


    what swag can you jack from lupe extra small jackets and oversized leather bags?

  • http://dallaspenn.com/weblog Dallas

    Shut the fux up coward

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/ iHipHop

    Sonic swag.


    shut the fux up dp you yourself know the word swag is over used. how about you actually name some stuff coward. that way i could know what you are talking about.

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/ iHipHop

    You betta ask somebody


    smh and what the hell is that is he a hedgehog mwhahahhaah

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/ iHipHop


  • lamontmartin

    you are wrong and dumb, he dropped a mixtape on
    thanxzgiving, what the fuck are you talking about hez nicer than
    anyone in ya top 10

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/ iHipHop

    Lupe top ten? GTFOH

  • http://daily-math.com/ Combat Jack

    Lupe raps great but has no soul, no personality. I think he's a rapping robot from the future.

  • artgumz

    ight ight some good points have been made. Lupe has made some questionable buisness calls and also has kept himself out of the light (which is unlike a rapper I might add). But the man makes GREEEAAATTTT music, point blank period. Since when has an image mattered? a mc is a mc and theres always room for good music in my ipod, computer, etc. Also i dont think the man wants to be in the category of kanye and pharrel i think he just wants to be a lyrical monster and up until enemy of the state still killing s***

  • artgumz

    forgot to mention…………….. We also have two other lame folk in the pic. I woulda more liked a article as to why Bleek never got over the hump when so many on the roc did, or how Irv Gotti fumbled Ashanti and Lloyds career, which still looks somewhat promising.


    fool i asked dp and you could answer as well don't give me that bullshit. if you didn't like my comment you give me proof not one liners that end in swag. like you know sonic swag


    thank you lupe can never be top ten he doesn't work much with any other artist. now if lupe starts jumping on features and start making niggas look preschool on they tracks. then he can get some cool points. see what i did right there hee hee hee

  • lamontmartin

    whoz in ya top ten
    please explain


    how did bleek not get over the hump he has 4 or 5 albums good albums. almost all his stuff went gold i think except for his last album. he was a big part of the roc movement he got a new song out today. bleek has been spitting fire for a long time on beans stuff on jay stuff on twista stuff on his own stuff. .also how you jacking from a fucking hermit. i wish some of these shitty rappers would follow lupe go away for a couple years and come back with some good music zing. beans went gold with all his albums on the roc cam, jay, and kanye the only three i think who went plat during the roc years. also cam don't even really count because he was really just trying to grow the diplomats not the roc.


    i will give you top ten and i explain i pick them based on i listen to their music and i like it. plus they have all dropped classic albums or close to them. in no order just putting it out plus i won't use groups
    1. ghostface
    2. scarface
    3, biggie
    4. big pun
    5. nas
    6. T.I.
    7. mf -doom or just DOOM
    8. jay-z
    9. common
    10. killer mike
    and what you got on the your list?

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/ iHipHop

    U can't be serious.


    unless you got a list you really have no comment. yet you ask more questions but never seem to answer any. maybe once i get up on that sonic swag i will be able to follow you.

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/ iHipHop


  • lamontmartin

    i dont have a top 10 the top niggaz i fuck with are

    1. Lupe Fiasco
    2. Nas
    4.Kanye West

    i fuck with ghostface, the niggaz nice
    i dont know about pun, or that nigga doom,scarface used to be alrite
    tip makes to much radio shit, commom iz nice and killer mike is underrated but none of them are nice than Lupe

  • lamontmartin

    and i fuckz with j.cole


    i agree i don't really have a top 10 but i was asked to name 10 rappers. so i named 10 rappers. i don't really see how lupe can be on your list though. look at the other people you have on the list they have classic albums and have bodied people on their own tracks. if you don't know nothing about pun you need to go back and check his first album. doom check out madvillany, mmm food or born like this. doom shit is like listening to cam'ron's stuff you either going like it or hate it. scarface is still good he dropped 1 classic and 2 winners and 3 aight albums since 2000. the aight ones last of a dying breed, my balls and my word well that was like outakes and shit. my homies part 2 was mehhhhhhhhhhhh at best. made and emeritus are both very good albums. now the fix is a classic album that joint is 5 mic xxl whatever you wanna give it that joint deserve it. tip if you feel that way listent to trap muzik if you have not and get back to me. i think he must have made the biggest jump in music history. his first album was kinda bad then he jumped back with the classic trap muzik. how many rappers go from shit to a classic. how many of them get a chance to do that when your first album was not that good. to me trap muzik is his best album most people say king. i like common's albums and the way he paces them out he going keep on track. then drop some shit thats from left field. common going always bring itback in i got faith in homie. after eletric circus no one thought he was goign be able to come back and he did it. umc was his reset button he gotta go back an get into the music again. killer mike you have to listen I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind part 1 and 2 especially on part 2 God in the Building is special. check out monster and underground atlanta i didn't like that much because of to many guest.


    cole is good but he needs to drop his first real album

  • lamontmartin

    i heard both pledge alliances and hez nice but lupe first album iz classic
    and the second one, in the first one he bodies hov on the song called pressure
    he not a hop on a track type rapper, pun is nice but i mean he got cut short or whateva
    i mean lupez under the radar alot but hez to nice
    the only nigga who is next to him lyrically is nas really the only nigga close to him
    and madvillain is nice but he'd body the rest of them. tip is okay, you rite about common though


    lupe's first joint i think the first time it got leaked that was classic. the version that finally made it to stores sucks compared to that first leak. or whatever leak i heard was better than the retail album. jay-z got that ego like he the best on some forever king status already. he don't even go after nobody if they go at him. i bet if a rapper would go after jay every day for a whole year. jay won't do nothing. he will say he just wants attention

  • lamontmartin

    have you heard any of his newest stuff
    anything off lasers
    his second album was crazy and jay is jay he can act that way but lupe still bodied him
    and i think he could body rapper
    really body them

  • MarkDub

    Wow…if he does do ANYTHING with either Ace Hood or Spider Loc, I will fall on my own sword [ll] and commit seppuku.



  • Cel

    I was just poking around this site and I came about this article. At first I wasn't sure where it was going, then I read some guys opinion on how Lupe is “the Stephon Marbury of the rap game”. And this is a hip hop site? Wow. I hate to see who this guy think is poppin. No homo. I suppose there is a glut of short bus rap to tide folks like you over though.

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