It was one of the more memorable night in NYC recently. The TWitterati had gathered to enjoy the vibe and suck up some free Belvedere vodka. This may seem awkward to some of you since we aren’t on TWitter right now but take it from me and follow these people… @meldcole, @ltdmag, @okpshamz, @missinfo, @elliottwilson, @ruffianroni, @fluxuryb, @deephunk, @rlfnowhere, @marv_carbonado, @bosnaud, @scullybros, @thisislala

There was hell’a more heads up in that piece but I’m still kind’a buzzed off the Belvy and Red Bull. The event was to introduce the Money Makin’ Jamboys to the public. Some of Philly’s finest emcees have collectively formed Voltron for this project. Black Thought, Dice Raw, Truck North, P.O.R.N. and the most buzzed on, Sugar Tongue Slim or STS which is a slick rapper name if you ask me. Check STS’ mixtape ‘Demand More 2‘ here.

Rap supergroups are nothing new to real Hip-Hop. In the beginning, rap was usually best represented by crews of emcees. Cold Crush Brothers, The Furious Five, The Funky Four(plus one more). When rap music became an attractive pop music platform you started to see the duos and individual artists gain prominence, but there were groups always forming to bring us back to the essence from Wu-Tang to the Goodie Mob even up to Dipset. Last year’s collaboration between some of rap’s most prolific emcees – SlaughterHouse was a great moment in the industry, if not at the cash register.

Music can’t only be about how many records are sold. It has to be about how many artists you inspire to follow your path and to create art on their own. For that reason I think the MMJB project is already a success. If last night was any indicator at least. Stay tuned for more music from the Money Makin’ Jamboys.

  • fosterakahunter

    Me and my former radio partner have been of the opinion for years that Philly has never turned out an emcee that's just plain garbage. Their track record as far as the Philly scene on a whole is pretty solid. However, for some reason, I'm just not caring about this that much. All these cats, as their brethren in the past, are solid, but, eh.

  • Dallas

    What would excite you right now inside of rap? We talk on the web all the time so I know you aren't anti-rap or disconnected. What would you like to hear?

  • fosterakahunter

    I'm about to hit the hay, so I'll make it short, but, I fux with that Marcberg joint hard (II). It's like a timeless album, kinda like Illmatic, only longer. Roc definitely put it down, both lyrically and beat-wise.


    MMJB might not sell a ton of records but I think its safe to say that hiphop will be blessed with a dope album.
    As far as MC's go I feel like Philly is slept on. IMO Black Thought should be in everyone's top 5 if not top 3 GOAT. I am def looking forward to hearing some tracks from MMJB.